Our Organisation: Decentralized or Centralized

The generic concept of Scouting has customized implementations per country, based on local situation. The success of the WOSM is in the hundred thousands of local scout groups. For this reason WOSM has a largely decentralized organisation.


Our World: Local or Global

Our members explore their own world. For most members that is their group, village or country. International camps and JOTA-JOTI bring members in contact with scouts abroad. We are an international organisation, our main interest is our local living environment.


Change of Policy

In 2013 the new www.scout.org website was launched. Enthousiastically announced as the start of a "Permanent Jamboree On The Internet". Was there a demand for this? Were existing volunteer initiatives like www.scoutface.org not sufficient?


High Stakes

The interests to introduce this must be high. Volunteers running a successful 5 year global program were fired halfway. Complaints are ignored. Facebook pages are blocked. Incorrect and incomplete information is given to movement.


What interests are driving the central organisation and our movement?  This site gives facts and insights, as input for reflection and discussion.